• We’ll get your domain & host your website for you for one year.
  • Then only $75 per year & renewable annually.

Included for FREE!

  • Stored on over a hundred servers around the world for faster loading
  • Site caching means extra fast loading
  • Fast loading means higher ranking on search engines
  • Daily backup
  • Free SSL and HTTPS security
  • Two E-mail accounts (250 Mb each).
If you pay it off in six months!

(Details on the Payment page)

Our Pricing

We’ve revised our pricing with the launch of our new website to make it simpler.

  • Your site is created on the WordPress platform (just like 33% of the websites in the world today.)
  • Every website starts as a beautiful, essential website for just $395.
  • We’ll discuss your site, your business, your goals, needs, and features that you may want.
  • Whatever category your site fits into, we’ll make it unique for you, while mixing it beautifully into the category.
  • Based on that, we’ll send you an estimate. Not within your budget? Change some of the more attractive features. Burning to spend your entire budget? Add some attractive features. Features add interest, but if they are outside the budget, we understand.
  • Later, you can modify your content yourself at any time.
  • Our goal is to help you meet your goals!
  • Whenever you’re ready, just go to the Payment page.

* Features are things like: photo galleries, shopping carts (including checkout pages, etc.), sliders, banners, complex forms or surveys, portfolios, video clips, audio clips, blurbs, testimonials, calls to action, and the like.