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Are there any “extra fees” that bring the price up?

Our pricing is completely detailed on the Pricing page and below in the “What is the Payment Plan” section. We use professionally designed, custom templates to design your website. This saves most of the time normally spent designing the look and feel of your website (the layout: where text, pictures, banners, navigation menus and the like are placed) because all of that is already done. We can simply change some colors, fonts, possibly replace pictures with your pictures and make the new site your very own.

What is the Payment Plan?

For your convenience, there are two easy payments, or you can consider PayPal’s 6-month Financing plan called “PayPal Credit®, a PayPal service”.

We usually complete a website at the rate of five pages per week (or shorter). If additional maintenance or support is required, we will do that by appointment and at the rate of $85 per hour with a half hour minimum.

  1. In order to get started preparing your website, we will need a 50% deposit (after our discussion, a Preliminary Estimate will be sent by e-mail if you require more than the basic items) payable either by check, credit card or PayPal.
  2. After we have received your deposit and while you collect or create your content, we will create the outer shell of your website. This includes the look and feel, images, menus, e-mail accounts, forms (if your site has forms), databases, or logos you may have ordered, etc. When this is complete, 25% of the remaining balance will be invoiced and due.
  3. Finally, we will add your content and you can review the results at a pre-launch (development) site. The remaining balance at that point will be due prior to launching the site.

We reserve the right to change pricing or policies at any time and without notice, however, pricing for your website will remain the same as your original work order at the time of submission, with the exception of changes or additions ordered later by you. When you’re ready, just sit back and relax while we prepare to introduce you or your business to the world.

We cannot be responsible for events beyond our control, such as the internet, 3rd party hosting or outages, content on other websites, etc.

* If you require additional services besides those listed in the Preliminary Estimate, your deposit will be 50% of the total estimate that we have provided.

What about Search Engines?

Here are several options to ensure that Search Engines like Google and Yahoo! find your website.

The first step is our Search Engine Optimization Google Submission package with a $75 one-time charge and is designed to help people find your site. We submit it to Google, using the appropriate meta tags and keywords, then we submit a sitemap to Google to ensure that they are indexing all your pages and place tracking code on it so that we can monitor traffic on your site. We also place an internal description and search engine keywords on every page to help web searchers find YOUR WEBSITE. This step simply provides the first step that any SEO company would ask for to get started. It does not replace a more comprehensive plan like the one below.

You should subscribe directly to a plan for frequent Search Engine Submissions for normal Google, Yahoo! and other search engines. We can help you find one that fits your needs and budget.

But the key ingredients to any SEO plan are as follows:

  • The best way to reach the top of the results page is to have quality content and backlinks from respected sources. (Backlinks are links from other websites to yours and are an important factor in SEO. They must also be from respected links such as the DMOZ and Yahoo.)
  • The next best way is to ensure that the keywords for your page are in the titles of your pages.
  • A major factor in getting your webpage to the top is age. Search engines crawl through billions of pages and it takes time.
  • Google does not use the keywords meta tag in web ranking. The “description” tag is still useful. There is a 255 character limit to keywords and the keywords you use will be pretty meaningless unless they match the words on the page, the title and the description. The keywords we use in meta tags match the page title and the words on the page. In fact, while Google pays no attention to the keywords meta tag, other search engines do, so we still use them.

What can I do to get a return on my website investment?

To us, a website is also about Marketing, Advertising, and Sales.  Your website needs to be found in searches; it needs to hold your visitor’s attention and it needs to draw them back.  And it needs to track visitor actions so that you can analyze patterns and optimize your website according to those patterns.  We call this SEO or Search Engine Optimization.

It’s also about targeted marketing and we can help you recoup the cost of your website by increasing traffic to your site and selling advertising for others, as well as promoting your own goals.  To see an example of how this works, consider the fact that in 2015 a 30-second ad for Super Bowl XLIX cost $4.5 million. Why?  Because 114.4 million people in the US were watching!  So the more traffic visiting your website, the more you can charge for ads.

If you have something to say, show or sell, you need to drive traffic to your website AND you need to track and analyze that traffic so that you can lease your web space to advertisers!

(Did you really think Facebook is giving you all that stuff for FREE?  Are you really using Google for FREE?  Isn’t it strange that those ads are suspiciously related to a website you just visited?  And are the founders of those two companies Billionaires or what!)

What is a domain name and web hosting?

Our address on the internet is That’s also our domain name. We can register your domain name (or transfer it from somewhere else if you already have one) and this essentially leases it for one year. It’s kind of like getting a license to run your business on the internet. Then we lease space on the internet to store the files for your website, as you would lease a storefront for your business. This is the web hosting part. Finally, we set up your e-mail accounts on the internet host server (renting post office boxes) so that people can send e-mail to an internationally known web address – the host server. All of this is included in the optional $75 annual fee 1 See the Pricing page for additional details. (If you already have a domain name, hosting and e-mail accounts, we can work with that too.)

What is “a turnkey process?”

The goal of a turnkey process is to take the learning curve of setting up a website out of the process for you. You give us your input, and we’ll do the work of dealing with all the things you may have no experience with.

Will you set up my new e-mail?

We’ll set up your 250 Megabyte e-mail accounts on the hosting server and send you clear, concise instructions on how to connect to the server and send/receive your new e-mails. Unfortunately, like a Post Office Box, you have to pick up your mail from there and in the virtual world of the internet, it is impossible to physically come to your computer and set that up for you, but we can make an appointment and be happy to walk you through it.

Your e-mail works using a wide variety of e-mail client software, including Outlook and Outlook Express, which comes with every Windows Operating System. How you pick up your e-mail is your choice and there are a number of options outside of Outlook or Outlook Express. However, these other choices are subject to the limitations of those mail providers.

What is RWCC, LLC?

RWCC is our parent company specializing in web design and development using Lotus Notes and Lotus Domino, and computer training and consulting. Web Designs for You is the non-Lotus Notes and Lotus Domino branch. E-mail, telephones, and payments go through RWCC.

What happens if I want to make changes to my website?

We can build your website using a Content Management System (CMS) like WordPress or for more complex sites, we use a combination of Adobe Dreamweaver and Adobe Contribute so either way, you can maintain your own content.  Talk to us about your needs and we’ll do our best to make it all happen!


Prior to website launch, the rule of thumb answer is this: what you tell us or send us gets implemented quickly. If we have to re-do something that’s already been sent or completed, we have to charge to re-do it. In determining what you want, be as precise as you can be so that we understand clearly. If we guess wrong at something, we end up re-doing it, so we don’t guess often. After website launch, the maintenance rate is still only $85 per hour (half-hour minimum). Just tell us what you want changed and we’ll make the changes and bill you for the time.

So, how do we get started?

After you tell us who you are, how we can reach you and basic information about the type of website you would like, (check out our Contact page to do that) we will contact you within one business day and set up an online meeting to discuss in more detail how you would like your website modified based on the information you’ve given us and whether or not the domain names you prefer are available. When choosing a domain name, please think of at least three preferences in case your choices are not available.

We’ll look for templates to match your goals and we generally suggest things like changing colors and graphics to suit your preferences. We’ll ask you to provide specific content for your site in the form of text and possibly suitable, camera-ready pictures that we can implement on the web and also warrant that any artwork or text submitted for inclusion on the Website is unencumbered by copyright infringement of any kind. The design and development of your site are included in the basic, one-time fee. If you choose a Custom website (not based on a pre-existing template), the fee will increase by $10 for every page. (Pages with large numbers of images, items that need to be reworked due to customer revisions after completion of those items, special animation or large quantities of text may incur additional charges.) We also suggest that you read this Frequently Asked Questions page thoroughly. Our goal is to make acquiring a website as absolutely painless and professional and as easy as possible!

The optional setup is an annual fee 1 (See the Pricing page for additional details)  and is designed for people who are either unfamiliar with or don’t choose to get involved in buying domain names or finding hosting services for your website. We do all of that. All you have to do is follow the instructions we send you to access your new e-mail accounts from your home computer.